April 2011

Physician, Heal Thyself…

Apparently, a rock throwing incident caused this young gentleman to seekrefuge on the front porch. It wasn’t too serious, just a little bandage job. Andrew Klewin from WA is staying down here for a little over a month…He’s not here to work with the clinic, but does happen to be an EMTso he enjoys getting […]

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New Baby

Left to right: Father, 12 year-old brother, mother, assistant holding baby. This is the second of 2 births this week at clinic. In this picture they are almost ready to head for home. This lady came in around 6:30 or so in the morning. When we went down a little before clinic time, we decided

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Gravity Wins…

This young gentleman had a problem with gravity; apparentlygravity won. 🙁 You guessed it- he fell out of the garden. The nurses had a hard time telling exactly what was wrong with his arm;there was obviously something not right, but they weren’t sure whetherit was out of joint or broken. So we took him out

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