May 2016

God is Good!

One morning when I arrived at clinic, I noticed that someone had changed the quote on the white board. I didn’t really stop and read it till later in the morning. “I will never give you more then you can handle. I will let you bend but will not let you break” -Jesus. Wow, just […]

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“His hand is in every detail.” This morning we heard at devotions something that struck  me.  “And if I could tell you all,you would see how God has done all,and I nothing. I(we) have worked hard,very hard. That is all;and I have never refused God anything.”-Florence Nightingale I watch my fellow nurses…I watch Hans…I watch

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Real World Problems

   Haiti’s healthcare situation is worse then it’s been in a longtime. The largest state run hospitals in Port au Prince as well as at least half a dozen other government hospitals around the country have been on strike for several weeks. Last week a pregnant woman died in the street outside the gate of

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