October 2013

Angels Unawares

     I really don’t know how they look– Angels unawares. But I think they might look slightly like this sometimes. You know, some days you are having a hard time sensing God’s timing and plan. And then, something like this happens. For some reason, it tells you very clearly that God is up there, […]

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A Multitude of Maggots

     The sun was bright and cheerful this morning as I stood at the clinic door and scanned the crowd of patients outside. My eyes rested on a tiny,white haired granny sitting towards the back. A swarm of insects buzzed around her head; her clothes were filthy and she smelled like infection. And rotten

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Life is Good-Especially if…

     I am looking for the Aunt to this baby. I thought the baby was cute…and was already taking a picture of her, when I really read what the shirt said. So if you are related, own up. We are looking for the priviledged AUNT.      Yesterday we took a little ride out

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Where Are My Teeth?

     We were driving up the road from Laogane when Fre Daniel met us, telling us that no nurses were in the clinic and a real bad wound had come in.     In a few minutes, we were sheathed in our scrub tops and hurrying down to see who was there. By the time

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I’m Wondering…

What to blog about today?  I think for this time I’m just going to post a few pictures of a young boy that came in this last Friday evening.  His mom said he stepped on a rock.  Poor guy, must have been a sharp one, as you can see!   It was really neat getting

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Stitch up a Saturday

     It is Saturday….we just put the finishing touch on those orange glazed cinnamon rolls, and then a knock came on the gate. It was Daniel, our gate guard. He said someone had totally broken his head when he fell down the mountain. Katie was on call, so she ran down to access the

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Thank God for Plumpy’ Nut!

     I’ve been so thankful for the 9 boxes of Plumpy’Nut the last few weeks, donated from an organization in Port au prince! Especially since we had none of our usual Herbalife. Plumpy’Nut is a creamy, peanut-buttery, protein-packed substance formulated especially for children with Protein Energy Malnutrition; and all my little people on the

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A Beautiful Day…

What a beautiful Monday afternoon!  It’s felt so Fall-ish here lately, making me antsy to rake leaves or winterize a garden, though I’m quite certain we have no worries of snow in the forecast here to prepare for…:)  Last Friday seemed especially gorgeous- strikingly green foliage against such a blue sky…  A perfect day to get out and make a house

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House Calls!

The last few weeks Ro and I have had the joy of hiking up and up the mountains to check on a few of our patients. The bright BLUE of the skies, the splendor of the mountains, and the fresh breeze is a wonderful stress release after a busy clinic morning. Sometimes we just stop

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