September 2012

Near Death’s Door

Sunday morning dawned, and I was up in good time and eager to get to church.  Then I heard some commotion at the clinic and got a knock on my door.  Till I got there, I had 3 patients.  Two were minor, but this little fellow (below) was in bad shape.  His only complaint was […]

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This post is about…BANDAGING!  So if blood and wounds are not for you – scroll down slowly to give your stomach time to process the sights. 🙂 While Anita, the two Haitian nurses, and Michael perform consultations, etc. I typically clean and bandage most of our regular bandage patients. Here are some wound care patients

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Cute little guy

A lady came into the clinic in labor Monday just as clinic was ending.  Almost all afternoon on Monday we had other after-hour patients in between checking on the lady in labor.  It was a first baby, and things progressed slowly.  Her labor slowed down overnight, but by morning she still hadn’t really progressed so we started her on

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This and That

Here are the girls from the Ontario team dividing out liquid medication for the clinic.   They did a great job at helping Shana around the house and compound and filling in other behind the scene things too!  This is just a quick shot from the clinic one of the many little malnourished children we

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Updates on Two Patients

     Here is an updated picture of Obenson.   After not coming for a few weeks he was here yesterday.  The lady that takes care of him had still come for his supplements, but wasn’t able to come with him the last time due to high water after Tropical Storm Isaac.  He is gaining weight

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Absent Clinic Workers

Hello from Haiti this beautiful sunny morning.  The title suggests something less than what the first sentence describes, I know.  Well, the absent clinic workers have been mostly the whites this time.  It started last week when dengue fever hit.  (Actually dengue fever hit a few weeks before, but didn’t get clinic workers down till last

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