June 2014

Shots from the Mobile Clinic

…and stories from the “misyon”. I’m sorry this update is a little out-of-date.  I’m back in the States for a month trying to juggle work, weddings, and everything else that has piled up on my need-to-do list…like write a blog update on the mobile clinic.  🙂 *June 5th*Thursday afternoon Steve, Kate, and I said sad … Read more

The Professors Have Arrived, Tip Your Hats!

     Here they stand, Doctors in a row.     Each came to teach us the things we don’t know.     We spent hours with notebooks and meds     Or using the Ultrasound to measure baby heads.      Then, when they left, we prayed for good minds    To soak up all the lectures, … Read more

In Acceptance Lieth Peace

He said, “I will forget the dying faces;The empty places-They shall be filled again;O voices mourning deep within me, cease.”Vain, vain the word; vain, vain:Not in forgetting lieth peace.He said, “I will crowd action upon action,The strife of factionShall stir my spirit to flame;O tears that drown the fire of manhood, cease.”Vain, vain the word; … Read more

Sunshine and Shadows

     It is Sunday. I love to sing and see the sun. But the Clouds bring contrast to the sun. And I know that God allows them to add dimension to our lives and to make our heads turn beyond this earth to Him, the Source of light that shines even brighter than Sunday … Read more

Forgotten little ones…

    They are born into a harsh world. They lay in dark huts with the flies buzzing around their faces. Days, weeks, months pass while the severe neglect keeps manifesting itself more and more in their emaciated forms. They cry desperate, hungry cries and no one hears. Their cries get weaker, their little bones jut out of … Read more

Mobile Clinic

Praise God, the mobile clinic has been going very well! Due to difficulties in travel (over 6 hours of travel- all of it on trails as bad/worse than our road to Allegre), we didn't begin consultations until nearly 2 PM yesterday. But we still had time to see around eighty people; as of noon today … Read more

Mission trip

We would appreciate your prayers especially over the next several days. Tomorrow afternoon Lord willing, Kate, Whitney, myself, Mis Joceline and several other clinic staff members plan to head for Ti Goave. We'll spend the night, and leave early Friday morning (4-5 AM) for a more remote area several hours southwest of us. The plan … Read more

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