December 2013

Happy Holidays!

     “Good-morning, world! It’s Christmas!” Some of us needed to drink a cup or two of coffee before we could actually feel the holiday spirit, but after that we had such a happy day. Throughout the day we checked up on our patients at the clinic.   One little boy had come with a prolapsed […]

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A Four Hour Fight

Today I walked in the clinic gate and gasped when I saw an enormous face…all swollen with a serious abscess.   It protruded out of the side of his face like a tumor.  It was huge! The man looked dirty and scary.  I drew a deep breath and started getting supplies together. Iodine.  Peroxide.  Applicators. 

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Some of My Favorite People

     I want to introduce you to some more of our visitors. They are the very inspiring type….Grin!  Brother Darwin and his wife Eunice were here for about a week, and just left today. We are glad that not everyone is leaving at once, for sure. Some of the staff went out to shop

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Lollipops and Life

     It is Saturday. It has been a lovely week, with a lot of sunshine. But there have been tears, too. Little Samuel’s mother returned from town and stopped in to say hi to us. We won’t need to worry about his club feet any more. He is safe in Jesus’ arms. And, Jid,

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Ti Moun Yo

…that’s Little People!   I love having them around! Yesterday we had a young mother come to the clinic in labor with her first child.   She said she was from Port-au-Prince and came to have her baby here!  Well, we were surprised she came all the way here for that, but very happy to have her.  She

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My First Haitian Rainbow

     “Katie or Rhoda do you have a copy?” It was the radio, blaring into our Thursday morning appointments and check-ups.     “I have a copy,” Katie called.     It was Nate. “We have a baby who came for the milk program that we would like you to check out,” he said.    That

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A Nosy Bean

That’s what this chubby little guy had!   His distraught mother came rushing into clinic with him first thing yesterday morning, quite upset because her poor child had a bean stuck in his nose!  It took a few people to hold him down as Rho carefully went after the misplaced bean with her tweezers.  And it wasn’t just a little

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 It was a happy Monday. My first patient was little Retia, who was here for her last appointment in the Malnutrition program. Her edematous extremities are now replaced by healthy tissue and fat. When I gave her the last Plumpy’Nut her face broke into a beautiful smile.  And then this dear 81 year old granny

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