September 2011

Update on Pneumonia Patient

Good day to you all once again. Thank you for all your prayers for the elderly man who came in yesterday. A few hours after he was admitted, his heart began to fail, and his breathing got even shorter. Michael went out to check on him again, at 2pm, and realized that the man wasn’t … Read more

Happening now…

Greetings to all in Jesus’ name. I was over at the clinic just a few minutes ago (about 11am, Haiti time) when they had an older man come in. His breathing was very labored, with short breaths. After checking his lungs with the stethoscope, Anita determined he has pneumonia. Michael also came over and confirmed … Read more

Extra help and a Cholera surviver visits!

Things continue to get busier at the Clinic! Jonathan and Lisa Widowski have come down to help with the CTC, but in their off time, they’ve come over here to help with various things! The extra help is nice, considering the amount of people we’ve had coming through recently! The benches are packed!  People come … Read more

A new baby!

Greetings in Jesus’ name! We had another birth at the clinic the other night! The labor was somewhat difficult, and we had to put the mother on oxygen towards the end of the labor. When the baby was born, he wasn’t breathing, so we administrated CPR and oxygen, and kept him on it through the … Read more

Farewell to Thea…

Yesterday we said goodbye to Thea… She is going back to the States for a furlough. We will miss her terribly while she’s gone… at the Clinic, at the CTC, around the compound, during meals… she was always a willing helper, and a joy to be around. Lisa says by as Thea prepares to go… … Read more

Club foot baby update!

Hello to all you faithful supporters! It has been a few days since we gave you an update, so it is high time to do so! Anita and Thea have been so busy with the CTC work recently, they have not spent much time at the Clinic. Today was a very busy day for the … Read more

Beautiful Sunset

Sometimes one just has to stop and take in the beauty around them! A sweet little girl and her grateful mother–came with a gift of eggs for the nurses! Yes, my medicine book which gets used quite a bit! 🙂 A neighbor lady was sick last week so we trekked to her house 15-20 min … Read more

Still hungry for more????

Here the little guy is all stitched up! Better be careful now! It was a back breaking job–getting the dirt out and, numbing him without exciting him too much and then stitching. Seeing it was that deep and to the bone I wanted to be extra careful to have it clean. There were little bits … Read more

Zaboka, Anyone???

“Zaboka” is the Creole word for avocado, and this young man was way up in a tree picking this delicious fruit when he lost his footing and took the shortest path down! He ended up with this rather nasty memento of the event on his face; it was such a deep split, one could easily … Read more

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