January 2015

Farewell Haiti

  After eight month of living in Haiti I will be leaving the 24th of Febuary. I have really enjoyed my time here and will greatly miss all my friends. This has been a wonderful and stretching time for me.    I don’t know if you all remember Wilfred…  He stayed in ourhospital for months […]

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A Long Night

​                                                                             It was Thursday  ​evening ​ when we got the call, the second lady in labor. T ​his would

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Another Bonjour

A good day. I sighed as Rho and I walked together down to the clinic this morning.   Rho wondered aloud what it meant.   I laughed, “Oh, nothin’ really, I just don’t really feel like going to clinic today.”   She laughed too.  What else can you do? 🙂     When I’m actually

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 We are basking in the joy of vacation. Of sitting around the table clasping our coffee mugs after breakfast, discussing life and its mysteries. There is no rush to go to work!!   Out come the scrub brushes, paintbrushes, brooms, mops, rags etc. The spiders flee for refuge against our energetic tearing thru their webbed homes.

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