June 2011

Broken Wrist…

Ouch!!! This broken wrist looked REALLY painful! The son of one of theleaders in the church here, this young man fell and landed wrong onhis hand, resulting in the damage you can plainly see here.At this same time, his older brother was checked into the CTC andwas being treated for cholera! Poor family… This situation

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At the Clinic…

During the past several days as things have been very busy at the CTC,we have certainly not been shut-down at the normal clinic! In fact we have continued to see an ordinary amount of people there, and over the past fewnights we’ve had 2-3 patients staying in the hospital rooms, with variouscomplaints. This man apparently

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Cute Babies…

We sure get some cute little (or not so little, as thecase may be) babies that come through. I’m not certain which of these babies are on the milk program,or whether all of them are… Wide eyed little girl there!!!! It’s a big world!!! “Oh yum!!!” (I like the blue ones myself… )  🙂

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Cholera update…

Hey everyone, just a quick update from the front line. We had 13 people in the hospital overnight, which sets a new record here. Included in that number are 3 or 4 young children- 2 to 4 years old. I think I counted 7 IV’s running. So far everyone that has been released from the

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Cholera Treatment Center Blog

Greetings to all in the name of Jesus, the King of kings, and Lord of lords! As we consider the situation here, with the special Cholera Treatment Center being put up, and the continuing potentially epidemic nature of the outbreak spurned on by local circumstances, we have decided to make a separate blog to cover

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Quick Update…

Sorry we’ve been so slow at getting out info, I know many of you are praying about the situation with cholera here and wondering how things are going. So far things have been fairly quiet at the cholera treatment center (CTC) we officially opened this Monday afternoon. Jeriah Mast from CAM and a crew of

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