December 2015

Kòmanse Holidays

Snow gently falling, Christmas music softly playing, wrapped up in a blanket beside the fireplace  sipping a hot cup of cocoa, reading a capturing story.. All the things this time of year reminds me of. Excitement is in the air as Christmas is drawing near. People are running ‘hither and yon’ to gather all the … Read more

The Risk of Love

I never wanted to be a nurse.  And I never wanted to go to Haiti.  Then, through a funny little turn of events, I ended up on a two week church-rebuilding project in – you guessed it – Haiti.  I ended up falling in love with Haiti.  The people, the country, the beauty that was … Read more

Soldiers in Training

You may have started to wonder if we still exist having no blogging activity. Blogging in one of those things that has been in the back of my mind, but I always seemed to find other things to do;). I almost decided not to blog after I realized we have some recent blogs. But.. here … Read more

On the First Day of December

An assortment of thoughts tumble like snowflakes into my mind, settling into somewhat heavy drifts that I find myself obliged to scoop away to avoid an otherwise threatening brain freeze. So what are these thoughts? Well again, like snow, they are hard to separate “flake from flake”, but the accumulative formation, or information, of them … Read more

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