March 2016

Training, Processing, and Acting!!

Clinic life this week has been relatively slow compared to the past several weeks. Our week has been full though with training and teaching sessions. Brian Evelth, a paramedic and Mary Strubar a Nurse Partitioner/ Midwife came down for a week. Every afternoon is spent at the clinic filling our brains.  One thing I have […]

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Smiling through your tears

The last while has definitely been the time for coming into the clinic with cuts. From either falling while working in their gardens or from a Machete. I had the joy of doing my first 2 stitch jobs. The one was a young boy who had fallen down the mountain at School. He had lots

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The Battle Belongs to the Lord

  Spring rush is on! It seems that here in Alegue the start of the rainy season in early March always coincides with an increase in clinic traffic. Part of that is due to most of the local farmers having already planted their fields which gives everybody more spare time to do things like go

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What would it be like to have strange growths and lumps on your face? Everywhere you walk people whisper in hushed tones about the strange formation on your face. I’m sure if I would be a Haitian that lived in the mountains….I would have never let my heart dare to hope. Dare to hope that

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