Can’t pass up a little landscape! This picture is near Ti Goave,
taken from the trail on the way to Aleg.
Here I am with Darline, her sister, and her baby.
This lady came to clinic to have her baby, but we saw
the need to take her to Ti Goave where they did an
emergency C-section–thankfully a Dr was available to
do that! We were so thankful that we got there in
time for baby’s and mother’s lives to be saved!
They came back from Ti Goave today.
We were happy to see them!
We had two births at clinic Feb 25. This is Mis Thea
with the second baby born.

Here I am with the first baby born Feb 25.

What a blessing it was to have 2 healthy babies born. The first one was born with the cord all wrapped around her, and she wasn’t breathing well at first. God was so faithful as we worked with her and she started breathing better and pinking up!

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