Club foot baby boy…

Hey here’s our little club foot boy that you read about already- if you get
the mission’s one-list updates. (If you don’t, leave us a comment and we’ll
get you the info on signing up…) I forgot to gather one VERY important
piece of info- the baby’s name… 🙁 I’ll try to post that in a later update…

Ahhhhhh, cute l’il feller…………..

This foot is definitely the worst, but there is a chance that the other
one may need some adjustment as well. Just briefly, the doctor we
found in Port-Au-Prince that will be helping him said that he will need
to come in every week for several months to change casts… Then
be in a splint on and off, possibly until he is 5. He goes for his
first cast on the 16th of February, so keep them in your prayers
that all would go well there……. We’ll keep you updated…..
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