Clubfoot Boy

Hey just a quick update on our little boy with the clubfoot; and YES- I did finally get a name for the little chap… “Enddy”. (You could also call him “Micah”; when Anita asked his mom what his name was she replied, “Well, his Haitian name is Enddy, but you can give him an English one too!!!?” So Anita settled on “Micah”…:)
We took Enddy and his mother out to the Karrfour Adventist hospital early Wednesday morning, and dropped them off there as we went into Port to do a little shopping and pick up some visitors at the airport. We ran into the Grandma later on, and she informed us that Enddy was already in a cast, so it sounds like things are moving along well. Should have another 6 or 7 weeks of cast treatment, according to the original estimate.
Enddy and his mom are staying out in Leagonne for this stage of treatment; it’s only about a 45 minute drive from the hospital as opposed to 4 hours from the mountains. She has a sister there that they are living with for this time. The main expenses they will incur during this stage involve food, and transportation to and from the hospital one to two times a week.
Thanks for keeping Enddy and his family in your thoughts and prayers! And thanks to those who have already committed to helping financially; we can’t do any of this without you, and we hope that by making these people and their stories known, you can feel connected to the people whose lives you touch.
God bless you!!!

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