Gravity Wins…

This young gentleman had a problem with gravity; apparently
gravity won. 🙁 You guessed it- he fell out of the garden.

The nurses had a hard time telling exactly what was wrong with his arm;
there was obviously something not right, but they weren’t sure whether
it was out of joint or broken. So we took him out to the hospital in Ti
Guave; there we were informed that, since they didn’t have any current
at the time, it would be impossible to have an x-ray done that night.
We decided to run on out to Leogane to the Medicin San Frontier
hospital there. (Doctor’s Without Borders). We dropped him off there
and stopped in the next day to check in on him……..

As you can see, he also has an eye difficulty. He’s had
that since he was two years old, apparently….
The next day, we found him sitting in a hospital bed
with a full arm cast. The arm was broken in two
separate places, but had gone back together well.
His parents told us that the doctor said he wanted
to check out the eye problem as well; they seemed
pretty happy about that!!! Pray that God’s will be
done there….
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