A precious bundle. . .

Yes, this afternoon we had a birth at the clinic. The lady came in around 3 pm, and the baby was born around 5:25. The birth went very well for which we are always grateful! Here are a few pics of it.

Yesterday afternoon we had a guy come in who had been involved in a fight and wasn’t totally responsive. I put an IV in and monitored him. Then when a vehicle went out to T-Goave today we sent him out. He didn’t have any major wounds, but there was something deeper going on.

This afternoon I was hoping to get my laundry finished and just relax a bit. I walked into my house and was just about ready to lay down for a bit thinking to myself that I sure hoped I wouldn’t get a clinic call. Just about then the call came that there was a lady in labor at the clinic. I breathed a prayer telling God that I didn’t have what it took and got ready to head down and check things out. God was again faithful to give me the strength. What an amazing God we serve!

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