God saw fit to extend His hand of mercy again!

Giving oxygen

I feel humbled as I look at these pictures. God was again so merciful. This baby was born at clinic Tues evening. His parents are Fre Pharis and Madame Pharis who we know pretty well. The labor was pretty long, but baby’s heart beat seemed to be staying good as I checked from time to time. When he was born, he was just limp. I knew there was life as I saw just a little twitch as I set to work suctioning, warming, and stimulating. He started breathing, but still seemed to be struggling so I put him on blow by oxygen for about 30 min. I was so glad to finally hear a hearty cry and see him pink up nice!

Rachel, Kirsche, and I who were at the birth

Ellamae and I
It was so good having Darwin and his daughter Ellamae here. Below is a picture of Darwin and Steve discussing the projected clinic rebuild plans we are hoping to get underway this winter. It will be quite a project, but it’s a very needed one as now two of our four hospital beds get wet when went it rains. I don’t just mean a few drops either! 🙂 We hope to add on a bit too as we could use more space and another consultation/exam room as well as an ER with space for equipment and to get around in.

Darwin and Steve discussing clinic rebuild plans
Thanks for your interest in God’s work here!
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