Club foot baby update!

Hello to all you faithful supporters! It has been a few days since we gave you an update, so it is high time to do so!

Anita and Thea have been so busy with the CTC work recently, they have not spent much time at the Clinic. Today was a very busy day for the Haitian Staff, as there was only one nurse on call, and over 40 people to see! But it sounds like she was doing well, and got through everyone well.

We had a nice surprise this evening: the club foot baby came back for a visit!

Many of you probably remember him. We posted two stories about him recently. To refresh your memory, you might want to read the first by clicking here, and the following update by clicking here.

He underwent surgery and now has a brace of sorts attached to his feet. He’s looking great, and is as sweet as anything 🙂 His recovery seems to be going very well!

Here are some pictures from their visit today…

He’s grown up quite a bit since last time!
You can see the apparatus on his feet that is helping correct his foot.

His mom was more than happy to have his picture taken! 
Cute little guy. I like his hair doo 🙂

Shana held his foot up, after his mom took it out of the brace.
Looks almost normal! What a miracle!

It’s a little swollen-looking, but other than that, it could pass as 
a normal looking foot! Simply amazing…

Here he is with his mom again.
She seemed so happy and thankful…
And we are so very thankful to all of you who contributed to make this little boy’s foot normal again. We are so blessed to be able to witness these kind of things, made possible by the people of God following His leading, and giving what they can.
God bless!
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