A cut above the rest…

Yesterday (after the clinic was closed) a lady and man came over to Steve’s house, needing some medical attention. The lady had a very bad cut on her shin that was about 3 inches across and pretty deep. They claimed that she had fallen onto a rock…

Ugh… looked like it hurt pretty bad!

Thea took the job of stitching it closed.
After cleaning it out, she began the tedious work.

She started by numbing the area with local anesthesia.

Then she went to work!
After a few stitches, she noticed something was wrong with her needle…
The lady’s skin was so thick and leathery, the needle had bent!!

After about 30 minutes of painstaking work, it was all finished up!
Good job Thea…

After closing the wound up, the general area needed to be cleaned and
have a bandage put over it.

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