The baby that couldn’t breathe…

On Friday night there was another baby born at clinic (seems like the season for babies around here!)

Unfortunately it wasn’t breathing once it was born, so Steve, Thea, and Anita had to do CPR (compressions and ventilations by bag valve maske with oxygen) for a while. The heart beat was good enough then that we were able to stop compressions and only do ventilations. The baby was hooked up to an oxygen saturation and heart rate monitor. It was finally decided that they should take it to Ti Guave, because we were almost out of oxygen. They headed out around 4:30am Saturday morning and made it to the hospital around six. Anita continued ventilations the whole way down the trail. Once they reached the hospital the baby was admitted immediately. We have not heard how it’s doing so far…

Here’s the “life support” team in action.
Steve operated the respirator and Thea supported the baby.

Amazed–is he actually breathing?

The stats are much improved–oxygen saturation at 98% and heart rate at 140
(that’ normal for a newborn).

Now just blow-by oxygen and Thea is monitoring heart and lung sounds.

We gave him a break with assisted ventilations from time to time.

By-standers, assistants when needed! 🙂

Dear little guy!

A view outside the clinic.
There were some men out there praying and singing most of the time.

Breathing on his own a little.

A weary nurse.

Mama getting to hold her son–first child.
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