3 more babies at the clinic!

Over the last week or so there have been 3 babies born!
The first baby’s mother had come in for a checkup before she went into labor; the nurses detected an irregular heartbeat in the baby, so they had her go out to town for an ultrasound and further checkup.
She came back a few weeks later to have the baby at our clinic and all went well.
The baby (though healthy) still had a strange heartbeat, so we advised them to have it taken to the doctor in town and checked out further.
Joelle Hess helped with the delivery.
The little boy weighed 7lbs 6oz.

Mis Breanna with the baby…

And Mis Anita…
 The little guy looks like he’s waving for the camera! 🙂
The next birth was on the 29th of April.
This little guy presented face first during delivery, so the nurses were hoping and praying that all would go well; things progressed and baby was born!  Baby and Mama both did very well.  Baby just had a swollen face.  Praise the Lord!

Michael and Virginia use a suction machine to clear his throat of fluids, enabling the little guy to breathe.

The suction machine was donated to us a while back and it has been a tremendous blessing!!
Here he is, all cleaned up and ready to go!
He weighed exactly 7lbs!
Michael, Virginia, Breanna and Anita helped with this delivery.
The third baby born came just yesterday, May 2nd!
The mother came in to have the baby here at the clinic and had pre-eclamptic signs, but as the labor progressed everything went well!
She delivered a beautiful little girl, weighing 7lbs 9oz’s.
Anita and Breanna did a great job as the nurses on call.
Mother and baby, almost ready to go!

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