A rule of thumb…

This phrase has it’s origins in old tradition, going as far back as ancient Persian culture (though in Persian, literally translated, it was “finger’s tip rule”) and is found in old English writings dating back to 1685… yet it still holds much meaning in our modern-day speech.
It’s typically used to describe a principle- one that has wide application that’s easy to understand and learn. 
In our case today, you could say that “Prevention is the best kind of cure” would have been the “rule of thumb” for our little patient…
The boy had come in the other week with an infection in his thumb.
It was treated and he was told to return in a few days.
Unfortunately he didn’t return for a followup appointment…
So today, when he DID come back, his thumb had become swollen and the infection was spreading to the rest of his hand.
Michael found it necessary to cut away the dead and dying tissue surrounding the infection…
When he did, the whole thumbnail just pulled right out; it was not the prettiest sight!!
And there it is. 
Now that the dead tissue is gone it should heal up.
Hopefully next time he’ll come in when he’s supposed to! 
“Prevention is the best kind of cure”

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