An accident with a pick…

This man, unfortunately, had an accident- an accident with a pick, that is. Yes, he was working in a garden crew and someone hit him with their pick and split his nose wide open! 
(Please, no jokes about picking noses… 🙂
He came into the clinic Friday afternoon and Michael got right to work on it.
Nice split, eh?
Stitching was very tedious, using fine to extra-fine thread on the outside AND the inside of his nose!
After a good while all 9 stitches were in place and he was ready to go!
He doesn’t look all that thrilled, does he?
I wouldn’t be feeling too good either, if I had the same condition!
Now, today, he came back to have some of the stitches taken out.
The task wasn’t too easy, seeing how small the stitch was Michael was searching for!
Ah, there it is!
Wow. That’s very small!
He should be back in a few more days to have the rest removed!

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