Busy Day

     It’s Friday! I walk out the gate and say “Good-morning” to Grandpa Harold.
     “Are you ready for another busy day?” he wonders.
     I tell him I hope I am.
     “Ready or not, it’s coming,” he jokes.
     And it did. I walked over to the clinic and Fre Adolph is already there passing out numbers to the waiting people. He seems a little tired. Maybe he is thinking, “Where are Noes and Direk?” Because they aren’t there yet.
     We start off our day with singing “Amazing Grace” in Creole. I don’t help though. I am watching Mis Anita bandage up the hip abscess guy, and I like to see how she stuffs the drain in the wound. Then Noes leads the waiting patients in prayer. I can help with that. It works just as well in English. Plus I think we might need the prayers.
     I had a fun morning doing my usual blood pressures and wrapping up a couple bandages between rounds of people. We have our little laughs together when some of the patients have a mind of their own. Direk says a long string of unrepeatable Creole and usually the person straightens up and behaves themselves. If not, Adolph says a few more muttery somethings. By this time Noes has wandered in from the hallway. He tells the person to “Sit down, or Go Outside,” or whatever, and when they finally get the point, everyone rolls their eyes and laughs. After a sigh, Nes walks outside to see how many people are left to see today.

    This time there are a nice amount  of patients waiting outside yet at noon. 

Adolph and Direk holding up #71!

     Even busy days end at clinic. By around 1:30 Direk and Adolph added up the totals for the day and happily held up number 71. I’d say, “Good job, Team! Enjoy your week-end. Because hard telling, Monday might be a busy day, too, ready or not.”
~Mis Rhoda

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