In Need of Oxygen. . . and more stories

 We were in the midst of our day at the clinic when Fre Noes came in and told me that a child had come who was seriously ill.  I told him to have them bring the child in, get weighed and temperature taken, and I’d see it for a consultation.  The little girl was breathing very noisily but had no fever.  I suspected it could have been viral, but we have no way of testing.  Upon listening with the stethoscope her airway didn’t sound good, and her heart rate seemed almost too fast to count.  The mother said that she hadn’t been nursing well since yesterday morning.
We soon got her on oxygen, and it didn’t take long for her heart rate to slow down.  After a while I was able to switch her to a nasal cannula and she nursed well.  
Here is the mother holding her in the hospital room      
She did will throughout the afternoon so we turned the oxygen to a slower flow rate.  They’ll stay yet overnight and hopefully go home tomorrow.
At around 11:00 am, while clinic was in full swing, we had a lady come in in labor.  We monitored her during the remainder of clinic, and she delivered a healthy little girl at 12:30 pm.  Everything went well, and we soon had things cleaned up and headed off for lunch!  

   New baby, Mis Breanna, Mis Rhoda, and I
Exciting news!

Many of you by now are familiar with the “foot lady”, Arlene.  She has been coming for wound care on her foot that she injured over a year ago now.  She is diabetic so the healing processes is slow, but her sore is almost completely healed.  
But that’s not the exciting news!  Last week one day, toward the end of clinic, some of us got to witnessing to her.  Some of the Haitian clinic workers were there, a sister of hers who is a Christian, and I.  It didn’t sound like she was really ready to take that step, but I was pleasantly surprised on Sun when she came and told me that she got converted!  
I decided that I wanted to try to visit her soon, encourage her, and give her a Creole New Testament.   Today Breanna, Virginia, and I had the privilege to do that.  I figured she probably couldn’t read as many her age can’t, but usually there is a younger person in the household who can.  After arriving and visiting a while, I asked if she could read.  As I expected, she can’t, but she said her daughter can.  I then gave her the New Testament.  I wish you could have seen her daughter’s face as she handled the Bible and tore off the wrapping.  She was SO excited, and soon exclaimed to her mom, “It’s in Creole!”  See, much of their literature is in French, and I really wonder how well even the moderately schooled understand it.  You actually can’t find Creole Bibles readily.  I think she probably expected it to be in French, and was delighted to find it in a more comprehensible tongue to her.  Breanna, Virginia, and I were all thoroughly blessed to see their eagerness for the Word.  The daughter isn’t a Christian so she can learn as she reads it to her mom.  

You can see in the first picture how happy the daughter is holding the new New Testament
We enjoyed a short time of sitting and visiting before we needed to head home so we could arrive before dark.  
Our visit to see Arlene took us right past Vickson and Gertha’s house so we stopped in to see them briefly.  This is a picture of their sweet girl from today!  Her name is Angel.  Isn’t she cute?

The view as we hiked!

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