MOVING!!! well, sometime…

     It’s Christmas time and we are having vacation… We even took time to eat chocolate,drink tea, and sing Christmas songs together on Christmas Eve. We all hope you have had a joyous holiday as well.

     So, yeah, vacation, well, from long lines of waiting patients, anyways. We have dropped down to three or five patients a day. Most of these are bandage patients that need to be cleaned and freshly taped up so infection doesn’t set in. We are keeping most of our things in the clinic until the new facility is prepared.
     What have you seen on our blog since the most important part of clinic life is gone? Probably not much. Without our patients to blog about, we have resorted to talking about the buildings. Do you want to see inside our NEW building?

     At this point, we have decorated the building with paint cans, sanders, rags, buckets, and such. We are still painting shelves and walls. Sometimes we spend hours removing paint, too. Like when the people who paint put the paint on the floor, then it needs to come off. We will not disclose any names of the culprits. We will only show you their pictures on the following blogs.( Please do not hire them yourself, we would be glad for their continued help here- and, well, really, they didn’t slop too much. )

     At times, we see someone welding still more pieces to fit into our clinic” puzzle”. I don’t always know what they are welding. Probably it is some grate for the door, or maybe some more shelves for the pharmacy. Other times we see Donovan fixing a sink up for our bandage patient corner. Or maybe Alex is washing out a paint roller for us. I have seen some Haitian men chiseling away at plaster. Many other helpers are doing many other undisclosed functions.

    Sometimes Anita, or Michael, or Steve come down to the clinic and discuss the layout of important rooms or the placement of needed objects. One day I believe their plans will turn into visible results.

    So go ahead and look at the pictures, and if you get hungry, stop by the house. This whole time, Shana and Thea have probably been up there at the house making some wonderful food or brownies or something for all the clinic workers to eat.

    And while you are up there, look at the yards and yards of fabric that are being turned into curtains for our clinic room dividers and cabinet covers. Thanks goes to Sharon and Breanna here. We can hardly wait to hang them up.

     Stop by any time, especially if you love dust and dirt! We would love to use your energy! Happy Holidays!


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