All in the face


  Expressions are interesting. What do you think of this one? I walked in on Nurse Virginia and Nurse Breanna this morning. A little girl was not impressed with their work on her ears. I was, though, and she will be now that it is done. But there is more to the story. She has been left with her grandparents now that her mom has gone to Port-au-Prince. Imagine how big and lonely the world feels to her right now. Does that change anything about the way you look at her sad face?!

     Another day I walked outside, probably looking for some more bandage patients, and there sat Noes, our patient flow manager, both knees full, patiently holding children while the moms waited for medication or attended to other things. I thought you deserved to see the smile on his face.

     Anita and I started out our day rather early. ( I think at this point we will stop focusing on the expressions on the faces. ) Since we were feeling a little drowsy and the mom in the delivery room seemed a little ornery, I walked home and picked up some coffee along with some hot water that we would need in the next bit at the clinic.

    As I walked toward clinic, I wondered how long we would be waiting to see the new person. Well, not long! I arrived just in time! As I sat down our coffee mugs (no time for a swallow now), we welcomed an eight pound girl into the Haitian hills. Thank God for a safe delivery…and, yes,  the coffee was still slightly warm a half hour later.

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