Physical and Spiritual Healing!!!

  Well it certainly feels like I haven’t written anything in a long time, that’s why I want to say hi to everybody again.
   It’s been quite the long hard battle for me the last week or so again coming down with and pulling through with another virus, It did feel as if there is nothing that isn’t wrong with me, but praise the Lord I am sitting here and feel a lot better.!
   As far as everyone else, well, it’s been about the same, some have had a touch of it and some quite hard and some not at all. But working together and everyone pulling a huge load God has for sure given a lot more strength then we would have had to keep plugging along. I have to say the amount of people we’ve put through these past two weeks at the clinic and more so the amount of intense demanding situations have been sort of on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as the worst, its been around 8. So it’s definitely been interesting learning how to cope and learn from the many different situations.
   It seems that the devil is really working hard to destroy mankind more then ever, we have had more then a few patients coming in that seem to have spiritual issues, but I say this only to ask for prayer because it seem there is raging battle against the work here right now, the physical needs are being cared for and it seem the more everyone works with the people spiritual health alongside the physical at the clinic the worse the devil sits and pounds. But what power has he? Defeated foe.
   I would like to share about the “head guy” as we call him, if you can recall a few weeks ago, we sent him out to a hospital where he got surgery done, well it turned out that the american doctor that was there for that week didn’t end up needing to scalp him at all to fix the problem and clean his head, he is staying here in the clinic since then and will be until he is deemed well enough to go home. Each day one of the nurses takes the “bandanna” of and he has a couple holes at different places surrounding his head, basically for drainage of any fluid or puss that is forming in pockets. So they slowly go over his head and drain out all that stuff at the drainage holes, “sounds like a commercial building sight”!!!! and then they sterile pack the hole to keep them open as well because of some accumulating puss and fluid that still needs to be released, the holes themselves are healing nicely and as of yesterday the nurses were very happy with the overall healing progress they see. They had him on IV until yesterday but is now on oral medication intake, which is a good sign to.
   On his part, well, he’s 18 years old, and is quite a mischievious one at that, whenever I come down and he’s sitting outside or on his bed he winks at me and then pretends he’s sleeping, so when I walk up to him and shake him a bit he is “surprised” to see me, he does badly want to go home though, but knows he can’t, I’m glad that he is not hard to convince though cause he needs the constant care to heal properly. He also didn’t like the IV one bit, and he would always be fiddling around with it, even turning it of. When the nurses are redressing his wound he is in very great pain, and needs to be held down, but there again, he’ll half cry and half laugh and pretend he’s wiggling of the exam table. But good thing the candy jar is always there to  give immediate relieve from the pain!!!! Also Katie was always telling him to drink lots and after she got sick he turned that on her and now whenever he sees her he tells her to drink lots of water.
   Last week Thursday one of the gate gaurds, Fabia, walked down there and gave him gospel tracts and a Creole Bible to read, and talked extensively to him about the Christian Walk, he had told him that he already has been thinking of getting saved, the love and care he felt and people praying with him and hearing Fre. Noaz praying and preaching each morning had somewhat prepared his heart already, so Sunday morning, being to weak to walk to church I asked if I could take the four wheeler, and when almost ready to leave Delwyn had to take Rhoda on a quick medical run up the trail and we got this idea of me taking the head guy with me to church. Praise Jesus, we had a visiting Pastor here and he preached a message on being born again, truly born again and staying under the Blood, how Jesus is coming back for a pure Bride very soon, and since he fully died and freed us, we must be fully dead and fully alive and without one spot or wrinkle, in order for Jesus to except us into heaven.
   He told Pastor Levy during the message he wants to get saved, and “YES”!!!!! it didn’t take long after the service, and he was a changed young man, made whole because of the BLOOD OF CHRIST, HALLELUJAH. What a thrill, after having spent lots time praying for him, and spending time with him playing checkers to help him pass his days. HE HAS GLORIOUSLY FOUND REST.
   We covet your prayer for him in the coming days, that he would grow and that we would be there for him, last night his grandpa was staying there with him, and he was reading Isaiah 53, his grandpa was leaning over his bed looking at the Bible, so I watched a bit, and I noticed he was actually reading that chapter to his grandpa.

Katie is sterile packing the drainage holes.
It’s very painful.

Delwyn playing checkers with him.

Just a quick pose with him.
Freedom, Hallelujah!!!! Imagine if we hadn’t taken him
to town, imagine if we had given up on him and sent him
home to die like we thought would be the best option,
often it’s is the only option because the cost is so huge
and the cost of care afterwards for the clinic here is a big
amount as well, and we don’t have funds available for
all the needs like this, but I stand in awe again, mixed
emotions, what if we hadn’t scraped together money for
his surgery, what if? His soul would most likely be
in eternity without Jesus. 
It was worth it all, just to see this smile and the him exclaiming about the
peace in his heart. 

Sunday night after church, he is reading his Creole Bible. Pray much for him.
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