Sad and Happy Stories

Like most anything there is the fun and undesirable, the pleasant and unpleasant, the sad and happy.   This post involves both.  (I hope you’re not getting tired of baby stories because I have more of them.) 
Baby who’s mother died–held by her uncle
Do you remember the 4 tiny babies that we had at the clinic about 3 weeks ago?  Well, the one in the picture above is one of them.  Her mom was the one that was very sick, and we ended up taking her out to T-Goave.  The mother died about 1 1/2 weeks after she left here.  This week the lady’s brother came back with the baby, and we put her on the Nourishing the Needy milk program.  The baby is doing well, but it’s so sad that Mama didn’t make it.  

Here are the twins–Deyei and Deunia
They are around 2 months old now.  Deyei is actually starting to look fat, and Deunia is looking good too.  I was so happy to see them again this week.  
Baby and “New Mom”
This case really blessed me!  There are so many malnourished children or tiny babies who lose their mom and need milk.  Formula is expensive so they often come in fed on tea and or sugar water.  It’s expensive for us to buy the formula too, and we don’t have enough so I’m pretty reluctant to put another mouth on the Nourishing the Needy milk program.  Well, this twenty day old baby was brought in whose mother had died, and they said a relative had nursed the baby some.  I asked if she would continue caring for it.  They didn’t think she would.  Her baby was about 19 months and ready to be weaned.  I gave them just a little milk and told them to have the lady who had nursed it come to see me–not really expecting that she would.  
When the lady came with the baby a day or two later, I was hopeful.  I tried to explain that it would really be good if she could take care of the baby.  She didn’t seem very willing at first.  I plead with her saying that the baby had no mother now, and we all needed to help.  To my surprise she agreed.  I told them that I still wanted them to come for checkups and I’d take care of giving the baby meds when needed.  Her willingness to help when I’m sure they know that I could have given them milk really blessed me! 
Here is a follow-up on the “head guy”, Frisnel
Frisnel with a dull look in his eyes
I was gone over the time Frisnel got saved, but when I came back I quickly noticed the change in his countenance.  
This week now we started letting him go home and return each morning for bandaging.  It’s a thrill to see his smiling face when he comes for bandaging.  
(For some who may have known Obes, Frisnel is a grandson of his.)
A much happier young man

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