Angels Unawares

     I really don’t know how they look– Angels unawares. But I think they might look slightly like this sometimes. You know, some days you are having a hard time sensing God’s timing and plan. And then, something like this happens. For some reason, it tells you very clearly that God is up there, and that things do not happen by accident with God. Ever. 

   I was walking down to clinic to grab some supplies for a shot we needed to administer Sunday night, and was planning on returning to the house in a few minutes. As I came from one direction, a lady in labor came from the other. 
   I decided I would welcome her in, give her a quick check up, and then run home to tell everyone what was up. Well, it wasn’t meant to be. I got quite involved, and asked the one neighbor who had accompanied her into the room to go get a nurse for me. Apparently, something happened, and no nurse was coming. Well, then, before I knew the little angel had come…no time to wait for other nurses. I, for some reason, felt God was right there. I had time enough to get all the supplies I needed, but not enough to worry or stress. 
    And so, I wrapped the little baby up, and went out and asked the noisy children outside the gate if they couldn’t please call Mis Whitney. They did, and before I knew it, the troops were present, including Mis Katie, who was too sick to be there.  I had plenty of people to help get everyone comfortable and cozied in for the night. 

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