Thank God for Plumpy’ Nut!

     I’ve been so thankful for the 9 boxes of Plumpy’Nut the last few weeks, donated from an organization in Port au prince! Especially since we had none of our usual Herbalife. Plumpy’Nut is a creamy, peanut-buttery, protein-packed substance formulated especially for children with Protein Energy Malnutrition; and all my little people on the malnutrition program LOVE it! I rip open a corner and put it in their hands and a few seconds later look up to see a delighted little face… smeared with Plumy’nut.

      The other day I was called outside to see a patient and tried not to gasp as I saw the emaciated form of a little 2 year old. His bones stuck sharply out of his body and his little legs were oozing with pressure sores due to being so tight with fluid. I quickly swept the thermometer across his forehead. My eyes widened when I saw the temperature reading: 106.5. I quickly made up a bed in the hospital room, and all that day and through the night we bathed him with cool compresses and dribbled fluid replacement into his mouth. He moaned and cried out weakly… but I was so thankful to hear him swallow the fluid and his meds and keep them down. Then, I found out he LOVED Plumpy’ nut. He ate a whole sachet down, almost desperately. That night, the fever broke. I thanked God. He sat up and ate a little bean sauce. With a few more questions we found out his father has TB. Thank God for pastor Levi who ‘happened’ by and could take him out to Ti Gauve for testing. I bathed him one last time and packed a few Plumpy’ Nut in his bag. Please pray for little Makenlove.

 …And can’t help but add an updated photo of the little Sam boy. He’s gaining so well. After 6 months we’ll see about the operation for his little club-feet.

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