Two are Better then One

…especially when it comes to legs. 🙂 This poor man has an amputated leg due to a terrible infection he got after a fall. A few months ago he came in with 2 deep slashes in his head, right to the skull. We stitched him up and sent him home after a few days and he healed up beautifully.

 Unfortunatly it was his bloody face again outside the clinic doors this week. He had fallen the day before while he was trying to work in his garden and it was too late to stitch him. I used more steri strips then I ever have before trying to close up 4 deep lacerations on his forehead. We’re keeping him in the hospital room and he’s actually healing up well, thank God!

  We were very fortunate this weekend to have two wonderful nurse practioners and 2 RNs from the states come to visit. They worked with us through a very busy day yesterday and then came back today to teach classes on a few of the major problems we see. We were very grateful for their time and patience with all our questions. 🙂

 Have a blessed weekend! -Mis Kate

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