It is Easter season! And we have a lot to be thankful for. Especially, when we see and hear so much noise from the Devil parades around us at all hours of the day and night. It feels good to be able to trust an Almighty God whose little thumb is stronger than all the forces of Hell.
Today felt like a NORMAL Monday. A few more patients than last week, and numerous appointments to consult.Our clinic floor looked like a mud rink until afternoon, but other than that, we had a great day.

Kate and Whit had a stitch job patient return today, that they had sutured up last night. We assumed the injury came from some squabble during a Devil parade. The man was so covered in blood, that we figured it would be a terrible wound, but it was only an inch or two long, thankfully.
We have been keeping the new twins in our hospital room for a few days. It is fun to see how much love gets showered down on those two babies. Monique, the mom seems to be doing well. She went home to finish healing, and we hope to take her stitches out in her house, for her.
Before they left, our pharmacist offered to go along to help them with the hike, and to carry all their things. The little boy and girl were safely wrapped up and all the dishpans were full of the belongings they used while away from home. Everyone was putting the dishpans on their heads, and getting ready to make the treacherous tramp over the rocky, slippery trail.
“We need to pray,” someone said.
Everyone bowed their heads as the pharmacist thanked the Lord for the safe delivery of the babies and that God would keep them safe while they walked up the slippery mountain, too.
I felt so blessed to witness the beautiful little black lady, who was the mom of these perfect twins, bowing her head, and praising the name of the Lord, before she tramped over the mountains. She herself had been inflicted with evil spirits only a year before, and now before she faced this walk in which she would for sure meet a Devil parade enroute, she was calling on the Most Powerful One. It showed me what God can do when He touches a life! Hallelujah!
     A lot of you have met Fabula. I just couldn’t resist throwing on a picture of her in her Easter dress.

     Kindra, people are asking about your mom. We all miss you….Mis Woda
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