Life through a Lens

Words fail for me to describe to you our life.
The swirl of color in our lives here is amazing! I hope that my camera lens can give you a small insight of our lives.

Hans working away on Fre Batel’s abscess. Our dear old man has much to learn when it comes to patience. HE comes and plops down in the consultation room begging to be done 1st. We send him back outside to wait for Hans. And wouldn’t you know but 3 minutes later he is back on the chair complaining about the long wait and how he NEEDS to be taken care of right away!!

What more could Kindra ask for on a Monday morning then a big tight hug from Madame Henri????

The Doc cheered up when he saw his steaming coffee and this bright wreath. Thanks Boukje!!

This is Evna…and yes she is as sweet as she looks. She had a severe case of Kwashikor. The 1st day she came in for a consultation she stole our hearts when she said,” Mis, could you please make me all better? I really want to go back to school and feel good again!” I am sorry I don’t have a picture of when she left but she looked amazing. Plumpy Nut ,lots vitamins ,and tender loving care….

KNOCK, Knock!!  Someone is hurt and needs a nurse.its 8:30 p.m. David, Hans and I run down to clinic. We bring the patient into the hospital and right away see his bloody bandage. My red flags went up when I saw him fishing around in his pocket . Is he going to take a finger tip outa there?? Sure enough he pulls  out the fingertip and wipes the dust off before he hands it to me. We all started laughing along with him.  And if anyone is wondering,No we did not re-attach it surgically.
This is my miracle boy….the picture you see below is 24 day old Job. He arrived at the clinic tiny and emaciated. He didn’t cry. He just stared. With that glazed look. His little shrunken limbs jutted through his Pjs. I picked him up and I loved him. I wanted a beautiful miracle. Donny’s had just left for home and we were overloaded with work. I knew that it would be nothing short of a miracle if he lived. After discussing things with the other nurses and promising to not loss sleep over him. I begin his re-feeding schedule. We prayed. His parents prayed. And God heard and gave us a miracle. He is the handsomest boy ever and yes he still brings tears to my eyes every time I see him. 

Job….24 days old

Fiana…cried pitifully and mumbled “Bonswa Mis Mamba.”
‘Good afternoon Mis Plumpy Nut…’ another Kwashikor patient

When your garden is set on steep Haitian hillside loaded with rocks and you lose your footing…THIS is what happens!!!

Whitney and her adoring little Haitian patients. This man showers her (and us) with many gifts of yams, peanuts, bananas,sweet potatoes. 2 minutes of talking with him and you just have to smile. He nods and ‘amens’ everything you say.
Our 1st successful with Ayiti Air Ambulance. A 14 year old boy that got in a skirmish and someone chucked a large rock at his  head.

Makayla came down with her Daddy to greet everyone. This little girl followed her and Makayla kept saying “tute!!’Cute” until the she  reached for Makayla’s candy..:)

                             I hope this gives you a brief glimpse of our life. Thankyou to all of you who pray for us and the Haitians. We need your prayers. Sometimes the weight of the responsibilities that we carry seem heavy but with God…Anything can be done. “Peace not the absence of affliction, but the presence of God. “
for His Glory,
Mis Mali

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