Aching Hearts and Busy Days

The past week as been an exhausting week, physically and emotionally. We reopened clinic on Monday and had a very large crowd awaiting us. The day had barely finished when our First Lady in labour walked through the door. In the past 7 days, we have had 7 births. This has resulted in many gate knocks and sleepless nights. It was not only exhausting from clinic life; it was also a week of saying hard goodbyes. 

Our hearts ache from saying good bye to some very dear people in our lives. Friday morning we all rose early to bid farewell to Whitney and Kindra. The tears were streaming down our cheeks as a huge chunk of our team departed. Whitney and Kindra were a huge part of the clinic.

 Whitney, our dear head nurse who calmly took the time to listen to the needs of her patients. She is bidding farewell to Haiti after serving here for 2 1/2 years.

Kindra, who ran the blood pressure program. Her passion for her patients inspired me so many times. She is bidding farewell after serving in Haiti for  1 1/2 years plus.

We bid goodbye to some very dear friends and coworkers. Whit, with a compassionate heart, musical talent, and likes to have fun. Kindra, with a strength to go on even when circumstances seemed bleak, a giving heart, a contagious laugh. We miss everything they contributed. God bless you as you go back home and serve! 

In the midst of it all, God brought a very special boy to the clinic. Jean Rillion, Clerment was the little boy I had blogged about earlier who was awaiting heart surgery.

He received the surgery in November which was very successful. Thursday they stopped by the clinic to let us know that he was doing well. He looked so healthy compared to what we had previously seen. Thank God for the miracles He still performs. 

God bless your prayers and support for the work in Haiti. 
~ Alyssa 
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