What would it be like to have strange growths and lumps on your face? Everywhere you walk people whisper in hushed tones about the strange formation on your face. I’m sure if I would be a Haitian that lived in the mountains….I would have never let my heart dare to hope. Dare to hope that one day I could walk around and no one looked at me askance. Dare to hope to look normal. But for those who haven’t given up hope….there is hope!! In the shape of 9 scrub clad doctors and medical students  from Tennessee.Ready and willing to work. A tangible evidence for those who kept hope burning in their hearts…
I watched in awe as the team banded together and performed amazing surgeries. 

This dear lady,in spite of her age,was brave and got on the operating table. She had told me on a previous visit…”My miss…if one day a doctor comes and can take this off. My heart will be light. I will be able to walk pretty in the street again.”I held her hand and squeezed it tight. I looked into her eyes and was amazed at the strength I saw. “One day…hopefully I can call you and tell you that a doctor has come who can remove this for you.” She smiled and walked away. Now….

Here it is. And she looks amazing. Just a scar the length of her jawline.

Tracing the incision lines on another patient.

The cyst that they removed from her cheek!!
Working late into the night. …

This tiny little woman danced around the doctors,thanking them for having removed a cyst that was right inside her lip.

So….that’s a little glimpse of our miracles. Sometimes they come  clad in scrubs, carrying bags of sterile tools and tons of guaze.

I love living here and learning from my Haitian neighbors. They have taught me more then I ever imagined. Their hopeful spirit and simple faith in God is beautiful.
-Mis Mali

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