His Hand is in Every Detail…

“ His Hand is in Every Detail” ~ Unknown

Have you taken the time to notice His hand today? Have you taken the time to notice the detail in everything He does?

God is a God of detail and cares about all the small things in our lives. He knows when we are weak and tired. He is there in the sleepless nights. He feels the pain physically and emotionally when no one around can completely understand. He has a plan when circumstances are out of our control.

Walking to clinic the other morning, I was thinking about the past week of events. I had to think about how God has His hand in every detail of our lives. I noticed the flowers blooming beside the path, the little lizard running across my path, the clouds in the sky. God created everything beautiful. Everything was created with fine detail. So much more does God care about every detail in our lives.
While thinking about details, I started looking around at the little details at clinic that God cares about. The lady sleeping on the bench waiting to be seen. Why was she tired? What was going on in her life?

Another girl was sitting on the bench holding her abdomen. I could see the pain in her eyes. I can’t feel her pain but God can. I saw a man waiting to be seen by the dentist. He had a huge tooth abscess. I could see the anticipation in his eyes as he anxiously waited for answers. A small malnutrition child crying for no apparent reason. Who knows the story behind the scene before my eyes? God does. He cares about this child even though the home situation may be a wreck. Food may be scarce and money hard to come by.

Walking home from clinic I stop and talk to a neighbor man whose marriage is struggling. His wife is pregnant and it feels like a mess but God knows. He sees each tear that is shed for that home. The prayers that are prayed and the hearts of each one involved in the situation.

God sees each tear that is shed, hears each prayer that is said. He feels the pain when no one else can. He knows when our hearts are heavy and hurting. He knows when we feel weak and small for the work He has called us to do. He shows Himself in the rain, in the storm. He rolls the clouds back when he sees fit. He places flowers in our path to cheer our way. He brings people into our lives to encourage our heart. 

” Don’t worry God is never blind to your tears, never deaf to your prayers, and never silent to your pains. He sees, He Hears and He will deliver.” 
Thanks for your prayers, 
~ Alyssa 
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