Snapshots from our week

Hello everyone!
It’s a great day to praise the Lord!
I’m attempting to give you some snapshots from our week at the clinic. Only, this post is more than a week overdue (thanks to our poor internet service) so the pictures aren’t exactly ‘fresh off the press’. And, since I wasn’t overly inspired to write a lot of words, I threw together a scramble of pictures. I hope you can get a little picture of what clinic life is for our team…
This poor guy had a nasty abscess right in the middle of his forehead.
Here James and Alyssa are cleaning the junk out of it. 

a patient that Alyssa was following

A new burn patient that showed up at the end of clinic one day…
Unfortunately, it took several of us to hold her down while Alyssa cleaned her up.
– all cleaned up and bandaged!

A very sad case that broke our hearts… this lady was possessed and
did not care much for her baby. She tried running off and letting the
baby in our hands but showed up again.
Kayla with the child of the possessed lady…
Some of our staff went out to assess the situation and 
a relative was made responsible to make sure that
the baby is cared for.

This little guy decided that he wasn’t going to waste any time
in showing his face and was on the floor screaming till the two of us made it down to clinic.
Here I am with one of the ladies that is on the prenatal program.

this guy had a nasty gash on his finger
This little guy had a serious burn on his face and across his torso
but his parents were very faithful in bringing him to get his bandages
changed and his wounds healed very quickly!

I’m very thankful for these six months that I’ve been able to work here in the clinic. But, the time is drawing close for me to make my departure. Haiti has stolen another chunk of my heart and the goodbyes tear me to pieces. Just when I feel like I might actually be making progress in language learning… when I feel like I could really throw myself into the prenatal program… and when heart-ties with the team have grown strong; then, I turn around and realize that this chapter of my life is about to close. [tears] But, I know that God was the one who lead me here and he’s the one who is calling me home once again. So, I trust it all to him and follow where he leads.
Thank you all for your continued interest and support in the work. Our prayer is that we would be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the people we come in contact with daily.

just a little one in his service,
Mis Rachel
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