Gods in Control!

These past few weeks I have just been reminded again of Gods grace towards us! And how he knows just how much we can take before we need a break!! It’s times like these that make us stronger, There’s no way I could have made it through the last couple weeks on my own! So I praise the Lord!

Gods in control!

For lack of being able to put my last couple of weeks in words, here is a few pics from last week!

                                       Here is Alyssa and I working on a wound that come in last week!    

                 This particular one actually had about 30 maggots that we removed the first day he came in!!

Here is a Mom and her baby, Alyssa, Katie, and I had takin out on an emergency run out to Petit GoĆ¢ve! To the general hospital there, the mom had started having seizures while she was in labor! We were all so glad to see mom and baby doing so well 3 days later!!

Sorry I didn’t have more to share, hope the pictures help describe our week at clinic!!

And please continue to pray for our clinic, and the staff,
We cherish ever one!!


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