Anpil Moun!! (Lots of People)

Wow!!!! Another week has just went by in what feels like just a blink of an eye!! Things here at the clinic have gone from slow pace (40 people days) to having three days this week with more then 100 people at clinic!! And the days seem to be continuously growing! And on top of all that….we are currently short staffed because Mis Alyssa left two weeks ago! Thankfully Sharon’s sister was here for a visit…And was able to fill in and help with blood pressures etc.

So here are a few pics of our last week at clinic!!

Just doing another bandage! This poor guy has been coming faithfully for about 4 months without much change in his wound!!

This young 15 year boy old broke his femur late Wednesday afternoon! usually we would fly a patient like this! But due to  bad weather we had to go by ground!!

This man came in last Friday! and said that a tree had fallen on his leg!! He said it had happened the Monday before.  He had already gotten a bad case of cellulitis and if he would have waited much longer….he probably would have lost his leg!
He is doing much better now.
So that’s just a few pics of our last week!! 
Please continue to pray for for us as we continue Gods work in the mountains of Haiti!

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