I’ll live for him Who died for me……

How happy then my life shall be! I’ll live for him who died for me, My saviour and my God!

This chorus really encouraged me this past week! so I wanted to share it with everyone.

Hi guys……..Wow!! another month has past in what seems like a blink of an eye! God has granted us another month! And I CAN’T complain! It has been a good one….Perfect amounts of people each day! And Grace where we needed it, What can I say…We serve an awesome God!

A few pics from our last month here at the clinic…….

Here’s a picture of Mis Katie doing job a stitch on a horse that come in on Sunday afternoon! I must say, He probably was one of the best stitch jobs in a while as far as corporation! he never flinched!
Doc doing a surgery, And me assisting on a little girls wrist! She had a tumor a little smaller then a golf ball on the top side of  her wrist!

This woman came in with this gash to her head! She said she had fallen on the trail, and hit her head

on a rock! I ended up putting 10 Stitches in this gash.

Here’s a picture after the ten stitches!

Well that’s all for this week hope it gives you a little idea of what our last week was like here at the clinic!

 Please continue to pray far us as we continue to serve the people of Haiti!

                                                                                                                                               ~ James,

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