Take the time

   Take the time to care, no matter who you are or how busy you are, we should never be too busy to sit and listen to a friend who may be hurting, or just longs to talk with someone who cares.

  People notice when you take time for them and I believe it makes a difference. 
  The last couple weeks and months have been quite busy with big clinic days emergency runs and quite a number of births. 
   Sometimes in the middle of the busyness of life it’s easy to not take time for the little things that are so important. So what I’m saying to myself and everyone that’s reading let’s take the time to care and it can be what makes the difference and draws someone to the light.
   This last week has been really nice with usually a little time in the afternoons to spend with friends.
  Here are a couple radom pics.

   The guy in the wheelchair is Patrick. He works at Clinic cutting goes. He’s a really good friend and seams to attract groups of people whenever he talks.


    Sometimes life can be pretty up and down around here seeing death and pain and then the beauty of new life, just a few weeks ago we had a lady come in with a head injury she had been working in her garden on the side of the mountain when a rock tumbled down and smashed her Square in the forehead breaking lots of Bones and cutting the side of her mouth open. I would post pictures but they’re just way too nasty and I can’t stand looking back at them. They carried her in on a cot she was pretty much unresponsive but was breathing and had normal vital signs. We weren’t sure what we should do, how long can she live in this condition? Will she even make it to town? Unfortunately we couldn’t fly her out on the chopper because they won’t receive a patient in this bad of a condition and the sky was cloudy, so after lots of prayers and tears and calling every hospital we thought might be a possibility we loaded up on a machine and headed off to town to meet an ambulance, which would then take her to a hospital in Port.      There they spent the next week sitting in the hospital trying to buy what they needed so the Dr could operate on her. It ended up being too late, they were out of money and out of time she couldn’t hang on any longer and she passed away.
   When I see this stuff, my heart fills up with pain, it’s like my world stops and everything I thought was a big problem becomes so small and I just cry out to God and give him the pain, the disappointment and be thankful that I’m not the one holding this world in my hands but he is and he cares and understands.
    And then there’s beautiful things like the sun setting across the ocean and all I can say is thank you God for holding the World in Your Hands and caring about each detail of Our Lives whether it’s big or small you care.

     So thanks to all of you who pray for us and support us, we really appreciate it and need it! God bless ~Ben~

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