A new baby!

Greetings in Jesus’ name!
We had another birth at the clinic the other night!
The labor was somewhat difficult, and we had to put the mother on oxygen towards the end of the labor. When the baby was born, he wasn’t breathing, so we administrated CPR and oxygen, and kept him on it through the night. In the morning, he was doing much better, and we were able to take him off the oxygen and send them home!
It was a real blessing to have everything turn out well 🙂

 Here’s the little guy, the night he was born, on oxygen.
A precious bundle! The little guy weighed 8lbs 14oz… Quite the little tub!
Anita, her sister Lisa, and her husband Jonathan were there to deliver the baby.
Here he is, next morning, waving for the camera 🙂

Is he smiling??
The happy parents! The left with smiles on their faces, 
and the father told us he was “Very happy!”
Many of you probably remember, back in July, we had another baby put on oxygen. The full story is here if you want a refresher.
The parents came back the other day, and we got some pictures of the little guy. He’s grown up a lot!

It’s such a miracle! What a blessing to see all our work coming to fruition in these little lives. It makes the long days, late nights, early mornings, much more rewarding… To God be the glory!
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