Extra help and a Cholera surviver visits!

Things continue to get busier at the Clinic!

Jonathan and Lisa Widowski have come down to help with the CTC, but in their off time, they’ve come over here to help with various things! The extra help is nice, considering the amount of people we’ve had coming through recently!

The benches are packed! 
People come from far away for care here;
some have come as far as 15 hour walk! 

 The hallway is overly crowded as people come in, 
and wait at the pharmacy at the same time.

 Jonathan and Lisa checking blood pressure outside!
The newly-wed couple seem to be enjoying themselves 🙂

What’s this? Is it high, or low? 

Keeping track of the patients’ numbers inside!

Jonathan in action! He was getting really 
good at it by the end of his time there!

This man had bad case of Cholera. He survived the sickness, 
but he said he is having a hard time recovering strength.

Anita checked him for pneumonia after asking him a few questions.
She told him take a deep breath, giving him an example.
Apparently he didn’t get it, and started
breathing sharp, short breaths through his nose!
Eventually, she determined he didn’t have pneumonia 🙂

Fre Adolph checks people in, weighs them, and keeps things in order
until people are seen my the nurses.
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