Baby ER… another baby that couldn’t breathe,

Last night there was another lady in labor at the clinic.
When the baby was born, it was not breathing, so we had to do CPR and oxygen on it.
It was a little girl!
Steve, Anita, Thea, and Virginia all are gathered around;
Steve was operating the oxygen mask, Anita was checking vitals,
Thea was supporting the baby’s head, and Virginia was about to clip the heartbeat/o2 sensor on.

The poor little girl looked very uncomfortable!
But we knew that she wouldn’t make it without the oxygen and stimulation…

As time went by, she began to make some noises, and soon quiet squeaks could be heard!
We were very excited, because that meant she was breathing!

Thea or Anita were frequently checking her heart and lungs with the stethoscope.

Pastor Darwin and Pastor Levy were there for much of the time,
praying and singing out in the hallway.

Here, Anita prepares the blow-by oxygen mask.

As you can see on the vitals monitor (to the left) her o2 level was at 88, which was pretty good.
The second number was her heartbeat; for a newborn,
142 beats per minutes is within the normal range.

Another shot…. Occasionally the o2 levels would drop into the 70’s, but we never
saw anything as bad as the last case, where the baby’s o2 was often in the fifties
and sixties.
But under the watchful eye of the nurses, all was cared for.

Here she is, under the blow-by oxygen mask…

Far into the night, and into the early hours of the morning,
we took turns holding the mask and keeping watch.

As of this morning, the baby was off the oxygen, and got her to eat a little, and by this afternoon, she was eating well.
Please pray for the baby’s strength, and that it would continue to nurse well.
God bless you, thanks for supporting the work down here!
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