Alcohol swabs and gloves… and other scenes from the clinic…

Since everyone got back from the States things have been moving along at a good pace in the clinic.
In recent days, it’s been reported by our nurses that we’re running low on alcohol patches and gloves… seeing that those needs are present, we thought we’d take some random pictures of us using alternatives…

Here’s some medicine Anita was mixing up for one of our patients…

Since we have no more alcohol patches, Anita took to cutting up some material to be soaked in rubbing alcohol for a substitute.

She needed to go give her patient his medicine, so Breanna took over her cutting job.
Here, she is giving a man medicine for malaria.

Breanna, cutting up more patches…

Yes, it was another normal day at the clinic today. 
The amount of people seen totaled over 65.

That’s not counting our normal patients, such as the “ankle guy” who we’ve been seeing each day, rewrapping his leg with fresh bandages each time.

Another interesting, yet typical case that came in… a ganglion cyst on a woman’s hand.

Michael has become very proficient at removing the fluids inside the pockets.
This one took only about 15 seconds to remove.

Thankfully someone has sent down a few gloves that should tide us over until we get another donation of gloves from the States… It’s amazing how many times throughout the day gloves are used though!
With pretty much each patient we handle, there’s another pair of gloves used!
A typical scenario is seen in the above picture- 
the two little girls had sores on their legs, so gloves were used during the examination process. 

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