The little things…

Saturday some little girls come to the clinic, asking for some bandages for a few little sores on their shins. Breanna took them into the clinic, dressed their sores and applied some ointment to them, putting a bandaid on top.

I had to think about the many serious cases that come into the clinic, how they’re often severe, life threatening, amazing or disgusting. We look at them as very important, but I wondered if, in the eyes of God, these “little things” are just as important. Jesus went about healing great and small, and the compassion He had extended to the lowliest of sicknesses. We take someone into the clinic, we show them God’s love and they leave with knowing that they are cared about.

May we continue to show the love of Jesus to all here- small and great.

This young girl smiles as Breanna dressed a wound on her foot.
She kept flinching because of the pain, but kept up a good attitude 🙂

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