Only one left…

Yesterday was the beginning of a challenging week for many of us- since all the fluent Creole speakers are gone to the States for Thea’s wedding, those of us left behind are having to learn quick!

Breanna is the only American nurse left in the clinic- it presents some unique challenges for her and was very “stretching”! Last morning though, she marched into clinic and announced (in Creole) to Noaz “Today, everyone must learn English!!” They all had a good laugh about that 🙂

She was busied with taking blood pressures, writing down information on people’s dossiers. She also did the bandage patients.

Mid-morning an elderly man came into the clinic on a stretcher. Apparently he had a stroke and the Haitian nurses decided he had to go out to Ti Guave. After clinic was finished he was taken out to the hospital there. As far as we know, he’s doing well. Sorry, no pictures were taken :-/

Please pray for us that remain here, that we would be able to hold the fort, that everything would go smoothly and that we would be able ministers of the Gospel!

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