An Afternoon’s Activities

We saw around 50 patients at clinic this morning.  Finally the last dossier was made, the last consultation done, and the last pills handed out.  Now it’s time to head home for lunch!
Or is it?  Here comes a crowd of school children, and one girl is holding something over her head.  They are headed to clinic. . .  
Virginia is on call for after hour things today, and so she checks it out.  Apparently the girl had a rock thrown at her, and it hit her in the forehead.  We’re not sure of the all the whys of the incident, but rocks seem to be the blame for a lot of injuries around here.   
Virginia preps and stitches it up with Breanna and Rhoda assisting her in turn.

A close up at the wound.  
While Virginia was still stitching up the school girl, a lady came in labor.  She and Rhoda checked her out, and as she was soon to deliver, Virginia came and called me.  I was there maybe 45 min when a big baby boy was born.  He weighed 8 lbs 5 oz 

Here’s the little cutie

Putting in the eye ointment

Mis Virginia with the baby.  
~Mis Anita

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