Thursday morning started with a persistent knock on the gate. Shana stuck her head out the door, assuring the person that she would come, but the knocking did not stop. What could be the hurry at this time of day?

      Mis Leda was asking if we could pick up a lady for her. She was having some complications and Mis Leda wanted to check her out at the clinic. It sounded like a baby was on the way.

     One of the guys rumbled out of bed and went off to pick up the patient. By the time all the workers were assembled, the lady had arrived. It was a busy morning already since Mis Leda wanted to leave early, but it all worked out okay. The baby was in a hurry to come, so we stopped in the middle of what we were doing, and caught the child. 

Notice the sixth finger on the mother’s hand.  That is very common here.

   It was a cute little boy, who seemed well from the start. We cleaned him up, and grabbed a few photos with Mis Leda before he left. There wasn’t much time to cuddle the little shaver, because there were chairs full of people waiting for blood pressures out in the waiting room. I hurried back to my job.

    One man was looking at me strangely and wondering why I didn’t do his blood pressure and temperature like I did for everyone else. I looked at him strangely because I couldn’t figure out why HE didn’t have a dossier. Poor man. I had carried it back with me to the delivery room.
     Friday was a busy day with odds and ends of bandage patients showing up. One girl showed up with an abscess on her cheek. Another little girl whom we had previously drained an abscess for, came back with what appeared to be yaws in her mouth. Michael gave her a shot to target the infection. It was good to have the rest of the staff back on board again to tackle the unpredictable turn outs.
    We met Saturday morning nice and slow. A few patients were waiting out at the clinic for us about mid-morning. Breanna got in for a stitch job. I learned a lot by watching her calm, composed approach to the cut on the little fellow’s upper leg. Anita was a great teacher, and after another hour, the cut was nicely pulled together with suture.

The cut before Breanna stitched it

     Our week is almost over. We are thinking of getting some sleep before answering another knock on the gate. Please pray for our ministry to the Haitians here. We hope that the love of Jesus goes deeper than the medications we prescribe, or the stitches Breanna carefully sews into cuts.

~Mis Rhoda

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